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The year where one creates and aspires to power. The moment in time when we do not take no for an answer, where we achieve greatness, where we ram our way through the gates that hold us back. The time has come for an abundance of more. Join us in adding your wicked thoughts for the coming year.

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The annual spell that made TEC witches famous! The spell that allows one to follow a path of change. The spell that allows one a moment of clarity. The spell of re-birth and an uplifting of the senses.
This is the spell that you need. Join us and allow your spirit to engage in true magick!
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A storm is coming.

Are You a Natural Born Witch?

You may be a natural born Witch and not even know it! Many people are born with a lot of natural magickal ability. Some people are aware of their ability, but many are not. The first step is to determine your level of natural ability. The next step is to learn how to develop it and make the most of it.

Here’s a quiz to help you determine your level of natural magick
al ability. Answer the following questions to find out if you are a natural born Witch-

Do your watches or clocks always seem to run either slow or fast?

Do electrical things seem to act strange around you?

If yes, is it more noticeable when you’re emotional or when discussing certain topics?

Have you ever just “known” something, even if there’s no rational way you could know it?

Have you ever had dreams that came true?

Have you ever “seen” other people’s past lives?

Do you have unusually good luck with certain things?

Do things seem to happen just because you want them to?

Do other people seem to do things because you want them to?

Do you often know what other people are thinking or feeling?

Do you often find a great parking space, even when a parking lot is full?

Do you often know who’s calling before you answer the phone or look at the caller ID unit?

Do other people seem to feel a need to touch you?

Are children and/or animals attracted to you?

Do people seem to fear you, or feel intimidated by you for no apparent reason?

Do you have a green thumb?

Did you have any kind of “imaginary” friends as a young child?

Have you ever seen or felt the presence of ghosts?

Do people seem to be either very attracted to you, or very repelled by you?

Do people seem to stare at you for no apparent reason?

How many “yes” answers did you have:

1-5 You have a small amount of natural ability
6-10 You have an average amount of natural ability
11-15 You have a very high degree of natural ability
16 -20 You are exceptionally gifted!

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Replies to This Discussion

18 points.  

Then again I already knew it due to my mother's fear when I was child before she passed away.  

I got 16 - 20 You are exceptionally gifted ! :-) 

I only got an 11 :( 

14 points

Interesting, first time I saw this. Not sure if it's sad or not but I was able to say a resounding yes to it all.

15 points, going on 16.

16 ^^

Not sure about green thumb because I'm not fond of plants but  did plant one long ago and it thrived 


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