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Through chaos we learn to absorb the energy around us. This allows us to get stronger, better shield, and learn to ground ourselves. It is the basic emotions of life that help build our powers. Take a moment from your day and rather then brushing off these simple feelings of rage, sadness, anxiety, learn to appreciate them and harness the beauty that they contain. The storm of emotions that surrounds you can only harm you if you allow it.

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the Perfect Conjure

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Summary of Claims Available

Started by Jacqueline the Moderator. Last reply by Firemonkey 7 hours ago. 100 Replies

the Calling of Answers by TEC Voices.

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Reverse Choices by TEC

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Build your own Conjure!

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Rare Spirit Adoption | Holidays 2014 Edition!

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Blood Day - Gifts of the Spirits

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Blog Posts

Dark Magick and Dimensional Travel

Posted by Kirsten on April 17, 2015 at 6:30pm 2 Comments

Had a nap time dream. It started off where i…


They Know Us Better

Posted by KimE on April 17, 2015 at 10:19am 1 Comment

This is going to be short. LOL

Last week, I had all my warrior type spirits want to accompany me to work. Didn't think anything of it. Some spirits come with me, some don't. Well this day I get to work no big deal. Same old, same old. It…


Time Travel, Shotgun, Dreadlock Care Dream

Posted by Mac Tíre on April 16, 2015 at 5:52pm 1 Comment

Home town with fellow from school. I had travelled back in time from 2012 to 2002 to go to court for a 'shotgun incident'. As we walked to the court, we talked on the incident of which i had no recollection, i had a shotgun over my shoulder as we…


Black Quartz Cluster

Posted by Xyleena on April 15, 2015 at 12:10pm 12 Comments

I am a crystal addict and use it somewhat for healing and…



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The powerful, the great, the elite of all dragon races! Volvic's personal dragons! There is nothing like this dragon spirit in any astral realm. One look and you will feel the energy from within your core being. One winner will be selected at random & shall receive this powerful spirit and experience true magick. To enter this contest leave a comment on the contest page by clicking here.



The powerful figurine of Sebastians wolves! These werewolves are bursting with energy, and will exhilarate your world with energy!  True clansman delivers the very best in shifter energy! The warrior full moon clan walks amongst us! One winner shall receive this figurine binded with a personal werewolf from the great Sebestian!. To enter simply leave a comment on the contest page by clicking here.



A Rare and exclusive by the great Necromancer of NYC.  True power awaits with one of Necro's personal Vampire spirits. These spirits are bursting with energy, and play your world into a dark erotic novel. You will be taken away into the mist of allure filled with eternal grace. One lucky winner shall become companions with one of these spirits. Will you be chosen as a winner? To enter this contest, you simply need to leave a comment on our contest page located here.

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This is NOT for everyone and after you complete your purchase you must be approved before we send this demon spirit to you.

These demons are part of Necromancers horde.

They have the ability to kill any spirit, anywhere in the world with one stare.

Price: $366.66



Dark shamanists of the dark forests. These come in both sexes, make sure you tell us what you seek. They are filled with various colors as the image shows, and glow in the darkness. It is said when you look at them, you can see the future like they are a television. Use them to enhance al..

Price: $42.70



The darkest angels of the immortal dark light. Said to be controlled by the darkest of powers. They are dark guardians. A must for anyone that seeks this life long companion.


Price: $42.70

Drehon King Black

Drehon King Black

These are like the spirit Drehon you have seen on our site but have retained more of the black dragon qualities. They have the same if not more powers and are easier to control. These are for the gifted dragon keeper. The ultimate in spirit keeping darkness. 

Price: $82.70



The dark horned dragon of the Dark Skies. They have been created by a King Black Dragon breeding with a demon. Extremely volatile and hard to control. They are strong companions that will create powerful magick. All dragons are scared of these dragons. They demand respect and expect nothi..

Price: $42.70


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