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Volvics Appeal

Started by Volvic Radan. Last reply by Brandie Elaine 5 hours ago. 62 Replies

Wishing Candle Miracle

Started by Morning Glory. Last reply by Marissa Bailey 18 hours ago. 5 Replies

The person above me...

Started by Methias. Last reply by Marissa Bailey 20 hours ago. 290 Replies

A Magickal Words Association game!

Started by Linda Anatolia. Last reply by Mei Wang yesterday. 2537 Replies

The Allure of Rare Spirits - 2015

Started by Linda Anatolia. Last reply by Marissa Bailey yesterday. 217 Replies

Delight of the Spirits

Started by Methias. Last reply by Xyleena yesterday. 100 Replies

Guilty Pleasures - 2015

Started by Necromancer. Last reply by Xyleena yesterday. 97 Replies

Travel Bucket List - Places You Dream of Seeing...

Started by Marissa Bailey. Last reply by Huffette on Friday. 25 Replies

Blog Posts

Haunted Lot, Underground Mystery

Posted by Athena Ferreira on July 4, 2015 at 11:23pm 0 Comments

Today, me and my mentor went on an adventure to this abandon lot, which once used to be a hotel. This place has been around for 100+ years, there is a lot of history…


The Longest Dream

Posted by Kirsten on July 4, 2015 at 6:30pm 2 Comments

Dream started off at a house,…


Thankyou and miss you :)

Posted by Lakarri-gaye on July 4, 2015 at 4:48am 1 Comment

Hey everyone,

As some may have noticed I've haven't been as active as I used to be.  This is due to a lot going on in my personal life. I've recently broken up with my boyfriend of over a year, had to sort out housing again, lost another…



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A Rare and exclusive by the great Necromancer of NYC. The HooDoo Root bracelet by Necromancer. A spiritual tool for all that seek a more natural approach to magick. This energy tool will inspire and promote all that is building up within you. To enter this contest, you simply need to leave a comment on our contest page located here.

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Mei Wang replied to Linda Anatolia's discussion A Collective FAQ on Spirit Keeping. Add your questions here.. in the group Spirit Keeping 101
"Thanks Evil, your informations are really helpful!  So do you think I should meditate with?"
25 minutes ago
Evil replied to Linda Anatolia's discussion A Collective FAQ on Spirit Keeping. Add your questions here.. in the group Spirit Keeping 101
"Sounds like you have a spirit energy piece, which isn't the same as a companion spirit or entity.  The energy pieces don't bond or come when called, but they'll work for you on their own at any given time.   "
40 minutes ago
Mei Wang replied to Linda Anatolia's discussion A Collective FAQ on Spirit Keeping. Add your questions here.. in the group Spirit Keeping 101
"Hi everyone!!  I have welcomed with me an "Energy" during Beltrane event, first of all I have to say that the feelings I've got working with her is AMAZING!! Never felt such strong grab on my arm when I was doing the TEC initial…"
1 hour ago
Jynx replied to Linda Anatolia's discussion What spirit & spell do you see? 3/12/15 in the group Claim this Spirit
"Something winged and four legged, I hesitate to say winged wolf. But all I can feel is the boom of thunder and the static of electricity. The black-grey of thunder clouds and the purple eyes of lightening. A pair, or a gender shifter, for there is a…"
1 hour ago
Christian Centeno replied to Linda Anatolia's discussion What spirit & spell do you see? 3/12/15 in the group Claim this Spirit
"I think this is a Djinn. Looks like a male Djinn. Strong and kind. Spells: Wealth, Luck..."
1 hour ago
Christian Centeno joined Mrs. Gula's group

Claim this Spirit

A game, a service, a healing process, an integral part of our daily lives. Apply the necessary testing to complete the opening of your Third Eye. Read into the various vessels that shall be posted and "see" what spirits reside within.A basic training of your third eye.I will upload a vessel that will hold a spirit every so often and the individual that describes this spirit within the best, shall claim the spirit into their world and realm they abide within. We call this, An Offering. Claim…See More
1 hour ago
Brandie Elaine replied to Volvic Radan's discussion Volvics Appeal
"I got my grid and I am excited to see the effects! Thank you so much! "
5 hours ago
Hfas commented on Methias's event Razzle - Dazzle - July 2015!
5 hours ago
Hfas replied to Methias's discussion ATM at TEC in the group Inspiration of the Day
"Cool!!! Thanks!!!"
5 hours ago
Hfas joined Evil's group

Inspiration of the Day

Come and discuss the "Inspiration of Day" quotes and share how they inspire your own creativity.  Feel free to post positive, inspiring, empowering quotes, stories, affirmations, random thoughts, etc.   See More
5 hours ago
Brandie Elaine added a discussion to the group Paranormal Photo's
5 hours ago
Profile IconHfas, Shelli Johannpeter, Brandie Elaine and 4 other members are attending Methias's event

Razzle - Dazzle - July 2015! at

July 1, 2015 at 6pm to August 2, 2015 at 7pm
Razzle-Dazzle July!All month long come and celebrate the metaphysical with us and our community! Surprises, prizes, and much more await for you this entire month at TEC! Join our ever popular chat room and talk with some of our popular members, join a group, or just post your thoughts in our diverse forums. We will also offer all month long a spectacular 50% sale throughout the store at using coupon code…See More
6 hours ago
Athena Ferreira posted a status
"a continuous bang-ing noise keeps waking me up from a dead sleep, bf doesn't hear it, only me."
6 hours ago
Mary-Beth commented on Mary-Beth's blog post The newpaper contacted animal control and they are leaving it up to the judge..on if my chickens stay or go
"I was disabled in an accident when I was 27 and I did tell them I was disabled rarely leave my home I have pentacle tattoos and jewelry on daily I have not hidden for years though few in the community know I am psychic or my path but if they friend…"
7 hours ago
Marissa Bailey posted a status
"Goodnight TEC, hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July."
8 hours ago
Brandie Elaine commented on Methias's event Razzle - Dazzle - July 2015!
" "
8 hours ago

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Dragon Mind Pendant

Dragon Mind Pendant

The mind of a Dragon by TEC is a rarity within the meta community. This is something that has been developed for over a decade by the great Volvic and worked on by the entire group. It allows the great Dragon Mind of the high mountains to connect with you when it is being worn or worked w..

Price: $87.87

The Helping Dark Hand

The Helping Dark Hand

Do you desire a helping hand from the dark arts master Necromancer?

The rules for this dark tool are simple. When you are working on a ritual, communicating with a difficult spirit, or just want some deep visions through your dreams, or meditation sessions call upon t..

Price: $76.68

Necklace of the Angels

Necklace of the Angels

Worked on by Linda Anatolia and the late Mrs. Gula. This beautiful necklace of immense power and beauty that will bring a charge to you once you touch it. This angel-calling necklace can inspire you for extreme change in your life. It will fill you with joy and happiness, as you could nev..

Price: $112.44

Sword of Retaliation - Revenge Tool by Necro

Sword of Retaliation - Revenge Tool by Necro

Feeling hurt, cheated, scarred? Go into your arsenal of dark arts tools and wear this sword pendant, or keep it close by you and think of the person you want to retaliate against with an energy shift. This will allow that person to feel your pain, hurt, and scarring as you feel it also. C..

Price: $56.65

The Crystal World

The Crystal World

The Crystal world bracelet by Mrs. Gula. This bracelet of illustrious visions has been in magickal production for over 3 years. Heavily charged with the goddesses of the north and south it is a special bracelet that will bring a sparkle into anyone’s life. It attracts great spirits ..

Price: $124.24


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